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Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association
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Attention the 2014 Dues are due at this time $18.00  Make Check Payable to: KGHCA, mail to: KGHCA PO BOX 670085, Kew Gardens Hills NY 11367-0085...Attention the 2014 Dues are due at this time $18.00  Make Check Payable to: KGHCA, mail to: KGHCA PO BOX 670085, Kew Gardens Hills NY 11367-0085...

Kew Gardens Hills Home Owners Civic Association

For more than half a century, the Kew Gardens Hills  Civic Association, founded as the Queens Valley Homeowners Civic  Association in 1941, has served all Kew Gardens Hills residents by advocating on their behalf with government and other public service providers. At a time of a shrinking public treasury, KGHCA has made city services a priority. Public safety, sanitation, the infrastructure, streets and roads, libraries , parks and playgrounds are the keystones of the Association's efforts as KGHCA strives to ensure the quality of life that makes Kew Gardens Hills a prime Queens residential neighborhood. KGHCA is a membership organization and is dependent on dues for support. Annual dues are $18.00 and may be mailed to KGHCA at
Box 670085, Kew Gardens Hills, New York 11367


Meeting of the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association
June 10, 2014
Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills

Future Exterior View of the KGH Library
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe


Future Interior View of the KGH Library
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe


Jennifer Martin, President  KGHCA
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

Jennifer Manley, VP Government and Community Affairs
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

Patrick Moakley DDC
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

Frank Genese, AIA VP Capital and Facilities Management
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

Hopefully 2015 the new Interior
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

Detective Thomas Motta
Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

President Jennifer Martin opened the meeting at 7:45 pm and told the attending audience the purposes of our Civic Association, past achievements, Doe Fund Graffiti removal, discussed the Doe Fund and the planting of Daffodils.  She then introduced Scott Wolff who is Michael Simanowitz's Director of Constituent Services. Scott spoke briefly up neighborhood topics and offered information regarding our Public Library, status regarding the renovation of the building and its' surroundings.

Jennifer Manley, Vice President of the Queens Library dealing with Government and Community Affairs. She spoke highly of our late President, Pat Dolan and told us that a bronze plaque will be erected in a prominent place in the renovated building and told the audience that the estimated cost will be at $8 million dollars

Patrick Moakley for the DCC explained to us that the delay in construction was due to unmapped pipes which required a revision of the plans and told us that there will be new piers to support which is required to hold up the new "Green Roof".  Constructions will resume as soon as the new plans will be approved by the Department of Buildings.

Frank Genese, Vice President of Capital and Facilities Management gave a talk using a slide presentation showing the projected expansiong of the library wtih drawing and details concerning areas of children, adults and teen agers. A Green Roof with plantings to promote energy efficiency. High efficiency glass to resist ultra-violet rays and allow natural daylight for excellent illumination.

We were informed by Jennifer Manley that we can expect the renovation to be completed by July 2015 and the library to be available for use some months later.

We were advised to the police activities by Dectective Thomas Motta of the 107th Precinct who answered questions from the audience concerning traffic violations, illegal parking at corners that block vivility, trucks on 72nd Avenue, noise complaints at 2:00 am, lack of response in calling 311, recent shootings and he also made available to the audience his office phone number 718 969 5973-4

David Kirschner closed the meeting with the assistance of Norma Stegmaier who administered the oath of office to the Officers and Directors of our organization.



Kew Gardens Hills Homeowners Civic Association
At the Queens Civic Congress Luncheon Sunday, April 27th 2014 Atun's Caterers

Our Kew Gardens Hills Homeowners Civic Association was represented by our treasurer, Charles Henry and his Wife Josephine, and between bites Charles entertained those who attended the luncheon with his wonderful music. David Kulick, President of the Flushing on the Hill Civic Association although assigned to table 18, opted to sit with the KGHCA group at table 1. Norma Stegmaier member of the KGHCA board graced our table and last but absolutely not least our  President David Kirschner arrived a few minutes late but happily enjoyed his meal in fact he raved about it. I must comment that unlike some other luncheons this one was run by Richard Hellenbrecht and the speeches were short and to the point. Our new Borough President Melinda Katz brightened up the speakers table and our senior Senator Charles Schumer  told some stories about his biking through Queens and also presented a few awards.. Very interesting luncheon and it certainly could not be called boring.

Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

Charles Henry, Treasurer KGHCA

Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

L-R Jim Jaffe's Wife Wilma Jaffe,
David Kulick Pres. Flushing on the Hill Civic Asso.
Norma Stegmaier, KGHCA, Charles Henry, KGHCA and Wife
Josephine Flink, KGHCA President  David Kirschner

Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

L-R Senator Charles Schumer, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer
 Executive VP QCC, Richard Hellenbrecht







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